2018 season for SCUBA Diving in Tarkarli has commenced! Booking is Open!!


Joshua's SCUBA Diving in Tarkarli is a venture of puneritraveller.com - a Maharashtra travel guide established on 15th Dec 2008 and serving customers ever since to plan their holidays in Maharashtra.

Amongst the pioneers to offer SCUBA diving in Tarkarli along with water sports, parasailing, boating and stay options Joshua's SCUBA diving in Tarkarli is the best choice of SCUBA diving operators in Tarkarli, Malvan to plan your holidays in Tarkarli

Joshua's SCUBA Diving in Tarkarli not only organizes SCUBA Diving in Tarkarli and Devbaug but also organize SCUBA Diving events and fixed departure tours regularly from Mumbai and Pune. With almost everything available under one roof Joshua's SCUBA Diving in Tarkarli is really a one stop solution.

Joshua's SCUBA Diving - Dive Sites

Joshua's SCUBA Diving in Tarkarli is one of the first to offer SCUBA diving in Tarkarli, The dive site at Tarkarli is located at the southern end of Tarkarli beach where the Devbaug village start. A dive here gives the diver a truely open sea experiance. The main dive site however is still in Malvan near the Sindhudurg fort. Participants are taken to the SCUBA dive site in a boat from the Dandi beach in Malvan and the Tsunami island (Karli backwaters) in Tarkarli

About SCUBA Diving with Us

Introduce yourselves to the magnificent mysteries under water with Joshua's Scuba Diving in Tarkarli! We offer you a joy ride into the mystic world underwater for you to have the fist look at the vibrant colors and marine life under water.

We organize SCUBA diving even for non swimmers and also kids with a minimum height of 3 feet. Since it is a joy ride we provide only the necessary basic training which ensure a enjoyable SCUBA diving experience in Tarkarli. All necessary equipments required for SCUBA diving is made available by us.

A dive with Joshua's SCUBA Diving

We take our guests in our boats from Dandi beach or Tsunami island depending on the guests choice of SCUBA diving site and once we reach the dive site provide the basic training before we go under water. Once our guests are comfortable breathing under water we take them further under water to different points identified by us. We also send a videographer to capture the video of the guests dive and provide them with a C.D with video after the dive.

Water Sports in Tarkarli & Malvan

Tsunami island just off the Devbaug coast is the hub of water sports in Tarkarli. We also organize water sports in Malvan near the Sindhudurg fort with the best and latest water sports equipments

Water sports in Devbaug is organized in the backwaters near the Tsunami island and parasailing here is done at the Devbaug sangam where the Karli backwaters meet the sea. Water sports in Malvan is organized at the Dandi beach in the bay near the Sindhudurg fort. We offer sleeper bumper instead of Kayaking at Malvan which is the only difference between the two.

What we offer in Water Sports in Tarkarli

We currently offer the following 5 water rides at Tsunami island

Bumper Ride
Banana Ride
Jet Ski
Water Scooter

Water Sports in Devbaug

Fantastico Woods
An eco friendly luxury wooden cottage beach resort right on the beach

SCUBA diving in Devbaug

Kubal Homestay
An economic hometay located between Malvan and Tarkarli

Dolphins in Devbaug

Mauli Nivas
A budget homestay in Malvan a hop away from Chivla beach

Our Friends and Partners offering SCUBA Diving in Chivla Sarjekot and Malvan

Please take a look at our friends and partners who offer SCUBA diving in Tarkarli and Malvan. We have provided direct links to their websites too here. Do visit their websites and take a look. As far as tariffs are concerned few of them charge more than us and a few charge less than us!! Our guests need to pre book their dives and if our slots get filled we still get the dives done with our friends & partners who do the dives as per our specifications.

Head Bubble SCUBA diving


Dive Sarjekot


Dandeshwar Diving


Our Unique Special offering

Apart from SCUBA in Chivla and Malvan and water sports & parasailing we have a unique boating trip that we offer. We give you a chance to try your hand at deep sea fishing in a day tour of boating in which we take you to the light house island a few nautical miles in the sea. We also barbecue the fish that YOU catch in the boat 'fishermen style' and give them to you!

Take a look at the 'Packages & Tariffs' page for more details

S.C.U.B.A Diving in Tarkarli - F.A.Q

What is S.C.U.B.A. Diving?
Exploring under water marine life, corals and rock scapes using a Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus is called Scuba Diving!!

Do i need to know swimming to do Scuba diving in Tarkarli?
We have made Scuba Diving in Tarkarli possible even for those who Do NOT know swimming! Trained guides accompany you through out the time you are underwater and guide you through the various points.

SCUBA Diving in Tarkarli
SCUBA Diving in Tarkarli

S.C.U.B.A Diving in Tarkarli - F.A.Q

What equipment would be required for Scuba Diving in Tarkarli?
All equipments will be provided to you at the site including wet suites. Wash rooms and changing rooms are also available for your convenience.

Where can I do Scuba Diving in Maharashta?
Apart from the dive sites in Malvan and Devbaug we also have dive sites in Dapoli (Ladghar) and Murud (Raigad). However SCUBA diving is organized only for a few months here in a year.